Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bed. Rest.

Just when I thought I was having the world's easiest pregnancy... :) 

I started bleeding while disciplining an employee at work on Monday.  Stress -- Who needs it? 

I went to my doc first thing in the morning Tuesday and was diagnosed with a pinched previa placenta.  I then went to a high risk dr later that day for my genetic testing and he informed me that it was more complicated than JUST a pinched previa placenta.  I have a tear and a large blood clot.  If the tear gets any bigger, the placenta will separate and I will miscarry.  So... I'm on 10 days of bed rest.  ::sigh::

Bed rest sounds relaxing, right?  Wrong!  Tuesday at 10:30am the Internet in my whole office went down.  It won't be back up until tomorrow.  So...I'm running an 85 employee office from my bed.  I've never worked such long hours in my life.  Hopefully, this will prove to my boss (who lives in Connecticut and is very hands off) that I'm capable of running this office from my home.  Then, when the baby does come, he'll let me work from home.  (Fingers crossed.)  I don't want to quit my job when the baby comes, but I also don't want our little munchkin to go to daycare. 

On a positive note, the NT fold scan looked good.  The baby doesn't appear to have any chromosomal defects.  My blood test results will be back on Monday.  The bleeding has stopped and I'm not having any major pains.  The support and love I've received from family, friends and employees has been AMAZING.  I feel so blessed that so many people have love for us and are praying for us.

It was beyond amazing and such a RELIEF to see our little baby dancing around.  He's quite the mover and shaker!  Yes, I said HE.  We QUASI found out the sex.  The baby showed us his goods and he appears to be a little BOY.  The doctor won't say 100%, but I know what I saw! Dance Mom career will have to wait.  I think everyone knows how much I would LOVE to have a little girl.  Dance was such a HUGE part of my life growing up and I'd love to share that with my daughter.  Our little ballerina will come...later.  Right now, we're just focused on bringing a HEALTHY baby into this world!

Stay strong, Lane Daniel.  Mommy and Daddy love you and are praying for you!!

Thank you, EVERYONE, for your love, prayer and support.  It means the world to us!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

9 week update

Check out that baby bump!

All is well. Still feeling great. Counting down until 1/31 for our appointment with a high risk specialist. Visiting this doc is normal procedure for my ob/gyn's patients. Genetic testing and a thorough sonogram to scan for any abnormalities will be conducted. I can't wait to hear that little heartbeat again :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thumpthump Thumpthump Thumpthump

I somehow deleted by 8 week update with the sonogram, so here it is again :)

Healthy little muchkin with a beautiful heartbeat of 162 bmp.  It's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard!

The doc says my due date is 8/21/12. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

8 weeks and counting!

So, as you can tell from my 8 week photo, all of that research on the Internet was right afterall.  My insane growth at 5 weeks was ALL just bloating.  I've also learned that I'm very lactose intolerant -- hence, all that bloating!  I've switched to soy milk and greek yogurt and that's helping a lot :)

Our little munchkin is currently the size of a large raspberry!  This week, baby Mihelich is growing (very cute) hands, feet and eyelids! 

Pregnancy symptoms over the past few weeks:  One.  Fatigue!  I come home from work, eat dinner and go to bed.  I am beyond tired.  I feel like a complete wimp at the gym.  I've altered my normal workout to a new and improved "low intensity" workout and I'm still panting after 5 minutes.  I'm just overall pooped.  Two.  I'm acting like one of those uber emotional girls that always irritated me.  I'll cry when I hear a sweet song on the radio.  I'll cry when I see a cute commercial.  It's beyond ridiculous.  Three.  Huge, sore ta tas.  Fun! -- I haven't experienced any morning sickness yet or food aversions.  Everything pretty much sounds good and tastes good.

When I'm not sleeping, working or eating, I'm "nesting."  I've begun crocheting little newborn beanie hats (unisex, of course).  I haven't crocheted a thing since my mother was alive over 6 years ago.  Crocheting together was our absolute favorite thing.  Crocheting these little baby items makes me feel like my mother is with me through this whole experience.  I know she is watching over me from Heaven :) (and, now I'm going to cry again!  lol)

In T minus 2 days Matt and I have our first prenatal appointment.  We are beyond excited and anxious.  I want nothing more than to hear that little heartbeat and be assured that everything is a-okay.  I haven't had any signs of miscarriage - no spotting or cramping - so I'm going to be optimistic!  I'll post a picture of our little peanut after our appointment on Tuesday.

Matt and I have talked a lot about baby names (or, rather, I've talked and he's listened).  When I ask for his input, he proposes names like "Fred" and "Wilma."  So, I guess he'll have to be happy with whatever I like!  Right now, I'm leaning toward Audrey Kate and Lane Daniel.  Daniel is a family name on Matt's side of the family, so he did get a little input on that one...

Over Christmas, we told my side of the fam about our little bundle of joy.  I had t-shirts and mugs made saying "(Relative) to be  - August 2012."  It was very cute to watch my dad peice it together and then smile from ear to ear.  This will be the very first grandchild for my side of the fam as well as Matt's side of the fam.  We had planned on doing the very same gift exchange for Matt's side of the family, but we weren't able to make it up to Tulsa to see them for Christmas because Matt had to work.  Matt ended up telling them over the phone.  Everyone is beyond excited!  I wish my mother were here to share in all of these experiences, but it makes my heart smile to know that we  have so many people around us that love us and are supporting us through this journey.

In closing, I asked Matt if there is anything he wants to add on this blog update.  He says "Real scared; real nervous."  That about sums it up for him!  lol


Sunday, December 18, 2011

5 weeks

I don't plan on posting a picture EVERY week, but I thought I'd post one today because I can't get over how much my body has already changed.  Everything I've read says there is no way you can be showing at 5 weeks -- any growth is due solely to bloating.  Well, that's a LOT of bloating!  My jeans are buttoning but they aren't comfortable.  I unbotton them when I sit down...

My weight has never fluctuated.  I've worn the same size jeans for the past 14 yrs -- never once gone a size up or down.  I've never experienced any sort of "bloating" like this.    

My diet hasn't changed.  I've always been a healthy eater and I've always eaten a lot.  Maybe I'm having twins??  My father is a twin...  (silent scream!)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Okay. I'll calm down now

VERY positive result :)

With motherhood comes....

Worrying!  So, I just went out and bought yet ANOTHER pregnancy test!  (actually I bought 2 more)  Now that we have finally conceived, I am consumed by the fear that I'll miscarry.  After 12 months of trying and 11 months of disappointment, I want nothing more than this pregnancy to result in a healthy baby.  Matt doesn't want to tell anyone that we're pregnant because of the 20% risk of miscarriage.  I'm taking my prenatal vitamins and eating all of the right foods and staying away from the wrong things, but the risk still remains.  No use in worrying about what you can't control, right?  I'm doing my best to give it up to God!  I still am going to test again.  And, again.  :)  Whatever puts our minds at ease.  A $4 test is well worth the peace of mind.